There is that information which neither other, nor self are aware of (the unknown); that which only the self is aware of (the façade); information that only the other is aware of (the blind spot); and that which both self and other are aware of (the arena).

-The Johari Window

Our thoughts and emotions can either hinder, or help our ability to access our internal resources. Some see difficult circumstances as an opportunity to kick these internal resources into gear. Others become overwhelmed. Whatever your tendency; having a safe place to process your emotions is key to healing your entire being and breaking down the walls separating each quadrant of the Johari Window.  

Exploring the depths of one's thoughts, perceptions, experiences and responses can support growth for the individual, couple and family. Clients often report feeling relieved, resolved and an increased sense of purpose after sharing aspects of themselves that they have either repressed or hidden from others.

If you or a loved one are struggling to achieve your personal or professional goals, you are not alone. Psychotherapy has helped many individuals, couples and families resolve internal and external conflicts that impede success.